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Turkish delight bowl. This Turkish sugar bowl is made of copper and glass lid. It is original and handmade item. Vav motive bowl is designed for serving sugar, Turkish delights and candy.

This oriental home decor piece could add a nice touch to the coffee table or tea set.

Vav is the sixth letter of the Arabic alphabet and it symbolizes the Wahid name of Allah and his integrity with its form that resembles a baby in the mother's womb. It is accepted that vav motif brings peace and happiness to the person. 

Please do not wash in the dishwasher for which the product was handmade.You can wash with your hand.

  • Weight: 450.00 g / 15.87 oz
  • Dimension: Width 16.00 cm / 6.24 in | Height 14.00 cm / 5.46 in
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