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Turkish copper tray. Handmade copper serving tray is crafted using simple tools and elegant Turkish designs. Original and handmade. Perfect for displaying or serving food and drinks. You can clean it with wet cloth and dry it properly. Very good gift for your loved ones and your home. 

Each unique copper piece is hand made by experienced artisans in Turkey. They are tin lined inside for durability and ease of cleaning. You can be assured these will last for many generations!

Copper, more than any other metal, is known for its ability to diffuse heat evenly and conduct it quickly throughout its surface. Hence, it is used all over the world as high-efficiency conductors of heat and are especially coveted for their ability to quickly bring water to a boil. 

  • Weight: 570.00 g / 20.10 oz
  • Dimension: Width 32.50 cm / 12.68 in | Height 32.50 cm / 12.68 in
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