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Ottoman sultan's caftan decorative pillow cover. Kaftan's a difference in a Turkey costume of long gown. There was in the Ottoman Empire, Sultan costume began weaving patterns in gold, including graceful. It is a beautiful cushion designed the kaftan. Size: 17.71in. (45cm) x 17.71in. (45cm).  

Smooth, gentle soft chenille weave fabric used in luxury on both sides. Blend of polyester and viscose (artificial silk), and uses luxury fabrics on.

25% cotton 50% polyester 25%acrylic.

All our products are made in Turkey by Turkish craftspeople with materials produced in Turkey.

Care Instructions:

Recomended; dry clean. You may wash in machine with maximum water temperature of 85 °F / 30°C. Ironing should be on reverse side.  Do not bleach.

  • Weight: 215.00 g / 7.58 oz
  • Dimension: Width 45.00 cm / 17.55 in | Height 45.00 cm / 17.55 in
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