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Handmade and Hand Painted Crescent Shaped Ceramic Box. All ceramics are handmade and hand painted in the town of Kütahya, Turkey where a centuries long tradition of handmade and hand painted ceramics has survived. Ottoman inspiration from the 15th and 16th centuries. Lead free and food safe. Hand wash. We take care to pack all our ceramic orders with the appropriate protective wrapping to ensure your order arrives to you safely.

Turkish ceramic art is very important in ceramic history. Icons are mainly used in the Turkish tile are tulips, fishes and ships. As well as a variety of floral motifs, birds and geometric shapes may be found. The most commonly used color is blue, red, turquoise and white. After applying a shiny glaze it is fired on those colors.

  • Weight: 160.00 g / 5.64 oz
  • Dimension: Width 12.00 cm / 4.68 in | Height 5.00 cm / 1.95 in
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