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Turkish Carpet Pillows and Turkish Ceramic Collection

We bring a different understanding of the concept of home decor with the rare designs of old masters in Turkey. 

Handcrafted Vintage Turkish Carpet Pillows from Turkey. 

Our Turkish carpet pillow designs embrace the beauty of the past—in the present—with a piece from this special handmade vintage carpet collection. 

Discover Stunning Turkish Vintage Carpet Pillow Covers from Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Turkish carpet kilim pillow covers are usually one of a kind as they are made from vintage kilim rugs from Turkey. The perfect combination of earthy tones and vibrant pops of color make these really easy to style. Mix and match them for a more eclectic vibe. Perfect for your sofa, bed, or favorite chair.

We distinguish ourselves from other vendors by providing high quality all authentic ethnic products and exceptional customer service, fast delivery, and best prices. We put customer service and customer satisfaction as our top priorities. We see each transaction, not as another sale, rather we see it as a new relationship or in many cases strengthening of an existing relationship. We want our customers to be happy because only happy customers will recommend our products and services to their friends and families. These recommendations have helped us grown substantially over the last several years. Our future success will rely heavily on more recommendations and referrals of such nature. It came as a surprise to us, but we have even gotten referrals and recommendations from our competitors, not just on one occasion, but a handful of times.


Retail & Wholesale - Whether your company is just starting up or has been in business for years. We are looking for partners that are serious about quality ethnic Turkish products and want to offer their customers the best. TurkishStore.com offers a very flexible wholesale program designed to accommodate all wholesale customers worldwide.
e aim to produce collections and individual pieces that are unique, that are luxurious and exclusive yet which come at affordable prices. The high quality of design and superb levels of craftsmanship will ensure that these pieces will remain timeless.


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