Turkish Carpet Pillows and Turkish Ceramic Collection

Handcrafted Vintage Turkish Carpet Pillows from Turkey. 

Our Turkish carpet pillow designs embrace the beauty of the past—in the present—with a piece from this special handmade vintage carpet collection. 

We bring a different understanding of the concept of home decor with the rare designs of old masters in Turkey. 

Discover Stunning Turkish Vintage Carpet Pillow Covers from Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Turkish carpet kilim pillow covers are usually one of a kind as they are made from vintage kilim rugs from Turkey. The perfect combination of earthy tones and vibrant pops of color make these really easy to style. Mix and match them for a more eclectic vibe. Perfect for your sofa, bed, or favorite chair.

One of a Kind Vintage Carpet Kilim Bags

All authentic carpet bags with unique patterns - Made of original handwoven kilims, 100% wool, handwoven on a loom in the small villages of Turkey. They are one of a kind. The handles and trimming of your one of a kind bag is made of the finest genuine leather.

Kilim - carpet is a pileless textile produced by one of several flat weaving techniques. They are hand-woven by the nomads in Anatolia, the Balkans, and parts of Iran. In the most kilims - carpets, a slit occurs wherever two colors meet along a vertical line in the pattern in a few Karabag and Balkan pieces, interlocking methods are employed in order to minimize these slits.

Turkish ceramic and tile art come to life again with the traditional motifs.

A "palace art" with Iznik tiling can be described as a "folk art" listed in a line between Canakkale tile making an "urban art" in developing Kütahya tiles, its architectural decoration material, as well as in daily use goods production reached a very rich range of products and as well as the prevalence of the continuity has been one of the most important constituent parts of the Ottoman mosaic art.  Icons are mainly used in Turkish ceramic and tile are tulips, fishes, and ships. As well as a variety of floral motifs, birds and geometric shapes may be found. The most commonly used color is blue, red, turquoise, and white. Production types include wall panels, plates, vases, bowls, and pitchers. Original figurative works are performed by local ceramic artists. All ceramics are handmade and hand-painted in the town of Kütahya, Turkey where a centuries-long tradition of handmade and hand-painted ceramics has survived.